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Christian Domestic Discipline Romance Novels

Christian Domestic Discipline romance novels?


There are romances written with the CDD lifestyle as the theme.

These aren’t erotic spanking romances.


That did make me sad.

I love a good erotic spanking romance.

Nope. CDD romances don’t actually describe sex. The spanking isn’t erotic. It’s painful.

CDD romances teach lessons.

Lessons like don’t speed. Speeding is dangerous. It can result in an accident that may harm you or others. If you do speed, you will be spanked. Hard. Hard enough to require antibiotic ointment. I am not kidding you. ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT.

I ask you: WHAT is romantic about antibiotic ointment?

I read about five CDD books. I thought five was generous. I mean. Come ON. There was ZERO sex in these romances. That’s like asking me to wear nylon underwear. It’s uncomfortable, it feels funny and it isn’t attractive on me.

In every book I read, the hero is almost damn near perfect. Seriously. The man should run for president. He never makes mistakes, he’s handsome and he has stronger morals than Sister Theresa.

The heroine, however, is so NOT perfect. Hells bells. After a chapter or two, I was ready to spank her butt. In fact, I was glad when the hero did.

The only thing I found less than perfect about the hero is his decision making regarding his choice of spouse. How does Mr. Perfect end up with such a bratty idiot? (I totally am giving the hero a disbelieving eyebrow raise right now.)

I am pretty open minded about CDD. I previously stated that if CDD made both husband and wife happy and they are BOTH content in this lifestyle, so be it. That said, these CDD romance novels are pure propaganda.

They had me advocating a non sensual, ass beating of a grown woman by her spouse. I was practically chanting for the hero to let loose some whup ass on the immature brat. I was thinking SOMEONE should tear her ass up.

I usually reserve my advocacy for an ass whupping of epic proportions to child abusers, wife beaters, grownup no-accounts who mooch off of their elderly parents, etc.

I was not impressed with the CDD romances. I will say this, they stuck with me. Not that I wanted them to.

If you want to read a CDD romance, search it on Amazon. No way am I linking anyone to one. Don’t ask it of me. Just. Don’t.

I WILL link you to a Domestic Discipline Store. Look around. You’ll see why antibiotic cream is necessary.

28 comments to Christian Domestic Discipline Romance Novels

  • Until this moment I had never imagined such a thing. After this moment I will attempt to unimagine it. Look there: A purple elephant in the room!

  • Diane

    He probably ended up with that naughty bratty spouse because he wanted someone to spank and she wanted to be spanked. Doesn’t that just make this Christian BDSM?

    Did you notice the names used in the DD Store? The Counselor? Persuasion? Whippit?

    Clearly items meant to express deep and abiding love.

  • meanmarie

    I understand Keri. I wish I could un-read them but I can’t. I can’t and they won’t let me go.

    Diane: The last line of your comment made me laugh so hard, I almost had to go change my clothes. As to the Christian BDSM, I’ve seen some non practitioners refer to it as such. Those that do practice, refute that claim. I think I do too. Usually BDSM is about mutually pleasure. Even if that pleasure is pain. Masochists like pain. Right? (About the mutual pleasure.) Perhaps the HOH derives pleasure from punishment (I don’t actually know) but I don’t think the one who submits gains any pleasure from the spanking.

  • Jane

    Wat? I guess there is a book for everyone. Should we give these E for Effort?

  • Diane

    I freely admit my ignorance about the lifestyle – not something that attracts me, because I am a control freak in many ways, but not in the ways that I understand work for that choice.

    If I understand what the CDD lifestyle is, the husband punishes the wife to make her live a “good life” and the wife accepts his guidance, so that she lives the good life. While there may not be pleasure (and I can’t comment on that), to them this is a purpose driven relationship. Would that qualify for BDSM? I just don’t know, but that’s what I was thinking when I wrote my comment.

    And I will admit I just may be totally wrong. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Of that I am sure…

  • Mags

    Ann Marie , i <3 you blog. But isnt it about Pleasure? Quality of Life, the expression of love and teaching between the two. The essay that i read certainly expressed please in the form of life style they are living.

    Diane – i too think, this to be a form of Christian BDSM. As it is suppose to a agreement for the both of them and he is to lead them into domestic bliss. By him spanking her ass, his rules, is judgement, but still domestic bliss. ( which certainly sounds like a 24/7 sitiuation to me) Sure they have left off the leather and chains, but at the core it seems to be very much a D/s lifestyle. Cause women need a strong hand apparently. meh. If it is what works for them, then good for then.

  • meanmarie

    Jane: These books scream propaganda to me. I say we give them a P for propaganda.

    Diane: You’re 100% correct. I hadn’t looked at it from that angle. This is why I posted these entries on my website. This type of dialogue helps me get my mind around this totally alien concept.

    Mags: I guess I have a hard time accepting that there can be any pleasure in this lifestyle. You’re right though. Even though I don’t get it. See, I get regular BDSM. Not that I’d want to be in that lifestyle either…but I get it. This? I don’t.

  • Diane

    I am not in any position to judge anyone, in terms of their relationship choices. But I do know that I can’t get my head around any kind of D/s relationship. To me, it is simply a matter of inequity of power and control. Maggie has tried to educate me, but it still does not work. The times I have contemplated it, it has brought terror to my soul!!

  • Mean Marie

    I cannot submit. It burns too much.

    Women/Men that can submit fascinate me.

  • Kate R

    You know who’d probably LURVE this stuff? Members of the Taliban.

  • meanmarie

    Wonder if the Big T invented DD?

  • Mags

    Kate R – nah, they just beat the hell out of their wives anyway, as most of Islamic people whom belong to that set of extremist, practice a very heavy handed and in-equal form of Islam. Their wives, are by in large viewed as property and breeders. Its a very sad state of affairs for most women in the extremist sets. Very much cult like, from what i have read.

    Diane, if they are happy? Good for them. D/s isnt for everyone. But for some it really is an anchor, tether, and life line. It gives some silence and grace. And if it works? bonus. I couldn’t live that lifestyle ( CDD ) Cause Case? would LIMP. lol

  • Hmm. Sort of off topic, but can I just point out that that store sells arnica ointment, which is fabulous but should never be used on broken skin because arnica contains a toxin. Soooo, if they are spreading this on blistered bums or bums with abrasions they are also poisoning their wives.

  • meanmarie

    I have a feeling if the husband is using that paddle, he doesn’t really care if he poisons his wife. (I’m feeling angry about those paddles.)

  • sally

    OK, Christian BDSM is simply an oxymoron. And whoever said this sounds like the Taliban is damn straight. I quit reading a Diana Gabaldon book because I was so offended by a disciplinary spanking (but I loved her writing). GEEZ!

  • meanmarie

    I think that Galbadon spanking scene was my introduction to the idea that husbands spanked wives. Ever. I had no idea it was done for discipline or pleasure. If you had kept reading, you would know that she never went down THAT path again. (That I know of. I gave up on her recently & didn’t buy the last 2 books.)

  • Janet W

    I didn’t read the last two Gabladons either. And I had long switched over to the library. They’re pretty good on CD (Davina Porter is an amazing intrepreter) but it just got to be “too much”. There are certainly medievals that have a touch of this … bit of a mixture of discipline/pleasure and “Lady Be Good” (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) has Torie and Dex getting into it. Torie, the essence of brat … and I’m guessing this group (the CDD lot) is not sharing their prolictivities outside their set, correct but Torie spills it all at the dinner table the next day (or so I recall). I know you said you’re not about to pass judgment on a what a couple mutually agrees upon … I get that … but the visuals of the devices for sale and the stuff about “maintenance” discipline sounds like someone somewhere wants people to sign up for the full service plan — so they can make some money off of it. Maybe I’m getting too cynical, but investigating “show me the money” is never a bad plan.

  • meanmarie

    I’m sure money is made through the sales of devices and for sure the ‘romance’ novels.

    After reading Brent’s essay, I opened my mind to CDD. At first I was VERY cynical and outraged. (Part of me still is.) Brent made me see there are couples who earnestly think this is the best path for their marriage. I wish them the best but can never imagine myself in their lifestyle.

  • Shel

    Christian? Ha! These people are about as Christian as Lucifer himself. As for couples how earnestly think this is the best path for the marriage, think about the women who escaped Warren Jeff’s polygamous lifestyle and the few who managed to get away from Jim Jones. Charismatic men can make you think something is the best path for you and then next thing you know, you’re invited to the tea party where they serve Kool Aid. Any woman whose husband uses a paddle like I saw on that CDD site on her has grounds for divorce and assault charges.

  • meanmarie

    Those paddles ARE wicked scary.

  • Tomorrow Surely

    Interesting post, AM. I never would have imagined. OT, but I just love it when I’m reading your blog while I’m at lunch, and some person comes to my cube needing assistance. When they walk away, I look back at my computer screen and in big bold letters see Christian Domestic Discipline Romance Novels staring back at me from the screen. No wonder he ran away in a hurry. LOL.

  • meanmarie


    He’s not gonna be able to keep that to himself.

    Just sayin

  • O_O

    I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts on this. Mostly because I’m trying to figure out if I want to laugh hysterically, shudder, roll my eyes and shake my head, or all the above.

    I belong to a conservative Southern evangelical denomination, and we do believe in submission to a certain extent (though don’t let that fool you–the men know the women are in charge even when they’re playing the part of doting wife), but I’m pretty sure the pastor and congregation at my church would react to this in stunned silence as well. Then laugh hysterically.

    But I guess if this works for those who practice and advocate DD–and NOBODY winds up emotionally damaged from it (including the children who may witness Mommy getting her ass whipped with a wooden paddle)–then…whatever. I guess.


  • meanmarie

    I had the same problem Jen.

    I came to the same conclusion.

    “…whatever. I guess. *twitch*”

  • lynn

    I haven’t read these books but I have to wonder if you would be as critical of it wasn’t Christian. That said I love a good spanking I know. It’s hard for others. To understand but you can’t change the way your wired.I wish everyone could just be more accepting.

  • meanmarie

    I’m not critical of it. I just don’t understand it. Christianity has nothing to do with my bewilderment. I’m Christian. I think people are always worried that a woman is being abused in these situations.

  • Raymond

    From my reading of the subject the activity seems to divide into two camps or tastes. One is DD, christian or otherwise, that seems to centre on discipline or punishment. There is no doubt that some have a taste for being punished. I don’t think this is a good thing and points to childhood problems in my opinion. A lot of these type marriages are instigated by the wife funny enough. This is the most vociferous camp who seem to want to brainwash everyone else to justify what they are doing.

    The other area is where it is part of the bedroom activity in a marriage where one or the other wants it. This is nothing to do with discipline only sexual and to my mind is the healthier option if one is that way inclined. This is between the husband and wife and is not spoken about so often it being a private thing between them.

  • RSC

    Interesting discussion. I’m Christian, believe in pretty traditional sex roles, and love a good spanking scene in an engaging story. So I was prepared to like CDD. However, they’re way too serious and defensive, in my opinion. It’s not surprising they can’t write good fiction. That would require subtlety and a sense of humor.

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